When is your MOT due?

If you’re unsure when your vehicle is due for its MOT test, please check or you could run the risk having invalid insurance.

This time of year can be very busy for us all, especially as we’re on the countdown to Christmas, so it is easy to let things like an MOT slip your mind.

However, an MOT certificate is normally crucial to validate insurance. Motorists without an MOT certificate could be uninsured and therefore if they have an accident they would be unable to claim, and could possibly face a fine.

At this time of year, when you are planning visits to see friends or family, it is important to make sure your MOT is up to date before you travel in your vehicle.
It is illegal to drive without an MOT certificate and people could be fined if caught.

Cars that are more than three-years-old are required by law to have an MOT undertaken every 12 months. The MOT test makes sure that a vehicle meets the government’s road safety and environmental standards.

The MOT is effectively the examination of a motor vehicle’s safety-related components. The test is to ensure that they have not worn to an excessive level, which would otherwise make the vehicle unsafe for road use.

To find out more to book your car in for an MOT with us, please visit one of our sites or give us a call for a free, friendly and informal chat.

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