Free December tyre check

You’re invited this December to take advantage of our free tyre safety check, so you can give your vehicle a bit of a treat during the festivities.

We’re gifting checks for cars, vans and motorbikes from December 1 until 31, 2018 as driving on tyres that have insufficient tread depth is both illegal and dangerous.

We always recommend you check your tyres regularly and it is especially important when the seasons change.

Last year was one of the wettest and snowiest winters on record, so it is essential you make sure your vehicle’s tyres are safe as we head into the season.

Vehicles with tyres that do not have the legal amount of tread, pose a danger to the driver and passengers as well as to other road users.

Stopping distances are increased, cornering ability is reduced and the chance of aquaplaning more likely as a result of illegal tread depth.

The current law states that tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread across the central three quarters of the tyre, around its whole circumference.

Drivers with tyres that fail to meet these standards face fines and penalty points per illegal tyre.

Throughout December, we are offering you a free five-point tyre safety check.

Our fully trained staff will check your vehicle’s tread depth, tyre pressures, the general condition of tyres, age of tyres and alignment.

All of these areas are important to make sure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition.

To book in for your free tyre safety check, please get in touch with one of our branches here.

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